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The history of Avion Motorsports.

It’s a family affair that began decades ago.  Think 1950’s, think dust, think noise, think exhilaration, think big dreams, 
think of an older gentleman now looking back fondly at all that followed his first few laps in a powerful car.

As a young man growing up in the very town that would later be the new home to Area 27, Karl Seibert could have never imagined what that first experience would lead to. 

His son, Trevor Seibert, carrying the passion forward, rising to the ranks of a winning professional race car driver at an international level and now his grandson, Ryley Seibert, quickly following suit. 

To return to his hometown to marvel at Trevor’s design & engineering talents, to witness Trevor and Ryley working together on the construction of a world class facility can be summed up in one word... pride, with deep roots in both motorsports and construction.

Join the Avion family and experience our cars and our corporate events.

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