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Corporate Events

Our Corporate Event Days are geared towards exactly what the name implies, an exclusive day to enhance your corporate culture. We have three main venues in which to hold an event, Area 27 in Oliver B.C., Penticton Speedway in Penticton B.C., and Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park just outside of Calgary, Alberta.

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The Track

A recently constructed 3.5km technical road course designed by famed Formula 1 designer Tilke Gmbh & Co. out of Germany.


Step into the exciting world of high-performance driving and start your event off right! In the morning, you and your guests will be welcomed with warm hospitality - steaming cups of coffee paired with freshly made pastries to get everyone energized for a memorable day on the track. We'll ensure that all attendees are registered quickly while they're safely suited up in top-notch safety gear.

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Track Day

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Avion Camaro_edited.jpg
Avion Corporate BBQ
Avion Motorsports S Wheel

Our corporate events are all about an exciting day of driving, no matter your experience level! Our instructors will be there to guide you through the activities and procedures. For those without a car or who would rather not take their own out on track, we have 450HP Camaro SS's available for rent - so feel free to explore your limits with them! Even if you're feeling nervous as this is all new territory - rest assured that everyone here understands how important it is to get comfortable before really pushing boundaries; it's about testing yourself in whatever pace feels right - which isn't about racing against anyone else.


We can accommodate up to a maximum of 60 driving guests and another 60 non-driving/passenger guests. Up to 20 of the driving guests can be accommodated in the rental Camaros per event.


Picture this: an exquisite gourmet lunch catered to your exact specifications, either in the luxurious clubhouse or under a chic Avion Motorsports awning. This is something that many of our clients opt for - and why wouldn't they? Not only do you get delicious food presented with flair, but it also provides invaluable networking opportunities; connecting with employees or special guests one-on-one has so much more impact than being limited within boardroom bounds!


Another highly recommended option is to add Avion Motorsports RS1 Race Car rides to your event. We bring several of our two seat race cars to the track and provide rides for your guests driven by accomplished professional race car drivers. These rides typically cap off the day and give your guests an unbelievable understanding of what a high-level car and driver can do. What other sport can you be part of the action?


Each event is exclusive, meaning that only the group(s) participating will be on the property during an event. Each event is constructed to meet the requirements of the customer, however not all groups are in a position or require all the available spots. In this case we will put multiple groups together to fill the day. Special pricing can be arranged to accommodate a corporate customer requesting that they are the only group attending an event.


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