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The RS1 Racing Series

Avion Motorsports introduced the RS1 Racing Series to provide high quality competition to professional and novice racers at an affordable cost.  All racers use identical race cars constructed by Avion Motorsports.  With continued interest and growth after a successful three race season of road courses, the series is adding two oval track events and become a touring series across two provinces beginning with the 2021 campaign (schedule below) while still being reasonably priced with great competition

How it works

The RS1 Racing Series has two classes of competition.  The “Cup” class which has experienced racers from a wide variety of disciplines such as: NASCAR, Indy Lights, F2 and others competing for the win and championship.


For less experienced and those that wish to learn there’s the “Challenge” class.  Both classes use identical high quality, durable and low cost RS1 cars manufactured and maintained by Avion Motorsports. 


The rules of competition allow for only minimal adjustments to the race cars thus ensuring no driver can gain an unfair performance advantage and keeping the emphasis on driver talent and race craft.  


Each of the five race weekends are structured to ensure maximum track time for all competitors.  Road course events consist of practice sessions, group qualifying and twin, 10-lap races at the challenging 5.3km circuit. Oval events will feature practice, single car qualifying and twin 75-lap races.










What you'll be racing 

Avion Motorsports designed and manufactured the Avion RS1, a rugged, super safe and affordable race car in 2015 and dubbed it the RS1.  Each car is built and maintained to identical specifications.  The RS1 weighs 2550 pound with fuel, features a 450 hp crate motor that provides both speed and durability and contains a cool box for comfort, full containment seats and five-point safety harness.  At the track Avion staff will ensure that each car is fit for competition and perform any maintenance necessary from damage incurred during the weekend.  All you need to do is show up with your helmet.


Avion Motorsports RS1 cars can be purchased or rented for individual events or a full season.  

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