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Avion Motorsports/Area 27 Motorsports Facility Rules and Regulations



Upon entering the facility (Area 27) all guests are required to sign the Avion Motorsports daily waiver. Color coded wristbands will be given to all Avion Motorsports guests entering the facility upon signing the appropriate waiver. On Grassroots Days, all drivers are responsible for ensuring each of their passengers and attending spectating guests sign the daily track release waiver. 

Parental Consent


Members and/or guests are required to sign a parental consent waiver for all minors entering the Area 27 Facility. All minors must be kept under adult supervision at all times.


The age limit to drive on the track is 16 years of age. Any member under the age of 19, with parental consent may drive as long as they are accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian present in the vehicle. Members under the age of 19 who currently hold a recognized valid competition licenses, with regional racing experience, do not require an adult to be present in the vehicle.

Driver Eligibility


To become a Driver Guest of the Avion Motorsports Grassroots Days or the Avion Motorsports Corporate & Group Events you must meet one or more of the following requirements:


(A) The driver currently holds a valid government issued driver’s license, or is the holder of an ‘L’ or an ‘N’ driver’s license. Avion Motorsports will consider non-licensed drivers under its own discretion.


(B) Drivers are required to read, understand and initial the "Rules and Regulations" and must attend the driver’s orientation meeting with the Avion Motorsports representative.


(C) Drivers must be in an appropriate condition to drive. No alcohol or drug consumption will be tolerated and Avion Motorsports reserves the right to deny access to any drivers that it suspects are under the influence. Drivers are encouraged to arrive well rested and fresh for your event.

Driver Classification:


In an effort to make every guest feel comfortable and welcome, Avion Motorsports will group individuals with similar skill level. Generally speaking, the grouping will be divided into three sections.


  1. Advanced: For those drivers that are either active or have had recent experience driving at a high-performance level. I.e.- Road Racing, Lapping Days, Advanced Performance Driving Schools.

  2. Intermediate: For those drivers that have previously completed a Driving School, Lapping Days, Racing Events or those that are comfortable with a faster group and orientation is no longer required.

  3. Novice: For those drivers that have little or no experience driving on a closed circuit and/or at an advanced level. This group is for drivers to feel comfortable with the track, their car and the etiquette of lapping with other drivers. It is to let drivers advance at their own rate and is intended to introduce drivers to the enjoyment of lapping days and to dispense any notion that you are expected to be a race car driver.



It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that their vehicle is in good repair with maintenance suitable for track use. Avion Motorsports staff may from time to time request an inspection of the vehicle to insure suitability for track use. If a vehicle is found not to be suitable for track use, it is the responsibility of the owner, or driver, to facilitate the approved vehicle modifications or repairs in order to reinsure track use suitability.


All incidents involving damage to vehicles on the Area 27 property will be reported, investigated, and documented by Avion Motorsports staff. Documents relating to vehicle incidents or damages will be retained by Avion Motorsports management. Avion Motorsports management may decide to make these documents and findings available to outside parties, on a case by case basis, at its sole discretion.

Approved Convertible List

As stipulated in the Area 27 'Track Rules and Regulations, available on our website, all convertibles, cabriolets, and open-top vehicles must have rollover protection. Appropriate types of rollover protection include fixed roll bars, fixed roll cages, and roll bars that deploy automatically in the event of a collision or rollover. Removable hard tops are NOT considered structural and therefore NOT sufficient.

The following is a list of the vehicles that the SCCA and ASN Canada FIA have deemed to be equipped with suitable factory-installed rollover protection:

  • Audi A4/S4

  • Audi TT

  • BMW 3 series including M3 (1999‐present)

  • BMW 6 series including M6 (2003‐present)

  • BMW Z3 if also equipped with factory-optional pop-up roll bars

  • BMW Z4

  • Chrysler Crossfire

  • Dodge Viper

  • Honda S2000

  • Jaguar XK8/XKR, F-TYPE

  • Lamborghini Murcielago

  • Mazda Miata (3rd Generation 2006‐present)

  • Mercedes C class, CLK, S Class and SLK

  • MINI 2009+

  • Nissan 350/370Z roadster

  • Porsche Boxster

  • Porsche 996, 997, 991

  • Saab 9-3 (2004 & later)

  • Volvo C70

  • VW New Beetle, Eos


These are the only factory roll-over equipped convertible vehicles approved at this time. 

Track Direction


The track direction is counter clockwise and will only change during specific instruction exercises where applicable at the sole discretion of the Senior Driving Coach. The track direction will always be counter clockwise during Grassroots Days.

Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall


A Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall will be in charge of controlling track activities. This will include the division of run groups, track entry and exit protocol and monitoring of track conditions during each track session. Each guest will follow the direction given by the Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall during their time at the track. The Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall shall have final word as to when and who is allowed on the track.

Paddock Transportation


The use of golf carts, bikes, and scooters is restricted to the roadways, paddock areas and cold pits only and limited to a maximum speed of 20kph. These vehicles are not permitted in the pit area, track or unpaved areas at any time. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to operate any such vehicle anywhere on the Facility. ATV type vehicles may only be used by Avion Motorsports.

Damage to Asphalt


Anchor all canopies by a weight method only. No holes in the paved areas are permitted. Each guest is responsible for fuelling their own vehicles in the designated refueling area. Any damage in other areas caused by fuel spillage will be charged to the guest. If any oil or fuel is spilled the guest must immediately notify the nearest Avion Motorsports staff member so that it can be cleaned up. A clean up fee may be charged depending upon the size of the spill.

Sound Limits


Avion Motorsports reserves the right to restrict any and all vehicles at Area 27 to a specified decibel level that is measured at 50 feet from trackside during full throttle acceleration.


Walking the Track


Activities such as walking, running or cycling the track is NOT permitted both prior to opening sessions or after the days track activities are over subject to the Head Driving Coach or Grid Marshall’s approval.

Aggressive Driving


The Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall will monitor the driving conduct of each guest while on the track. If a guest is driving in an unsafe nature, he or she will be given a warning. If the guest continues to drive in an unsafe manner they will be required to sit out a session.

Drifting, Doughnuts and Burnouts


High slip angle Drifting or Doughnuts are NOT permitted only at the car control center and are not permitted on the Area 27 circuit (its the slow way around anyways). Burnouts or Brake stands are strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of driving privileges. Drivers are responsible for all repair costs associated with prohibited driving.

Dropping Wheels and Spins


If a driver drops all four (4) wheels off the track and/or spins they are required to safely return to the track and continue at a "cool down" pace on the off-line to the pits or paddock for a meeting with the Senior Driver Coach or Grid Marshall.


For any spins that occur without leaving the track surface, the driver is required to use caution and remain aware of other vehicles on the track and return to the pits or paddock for a meeting with the Senior Driver Coach or Grid Marshall.


If a driver has a mechanical failure such as engine, transmission or brake problems etc. they are required to pull off the track and proceed to the nearest "safe" area. At the Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshalls’ discretion the session may be "red flagged" and the vehicle will be inspected and/or returned to the paddock area before the session resumes.


If a driver leaves the racing surface for any reason, and is unable to return to the pit area, they must remain in their vehicle with their safety belts fastened. The exception to this rule is if the vehicle is on fire.

Driver Conduct


Start the day with a vehicle inspection to be sure it is in good operating condition for track use. All active cell phones, mobile devices, pagers, etc. are strictly forbidden during any on track session, including the pit lane, both on ones person or within the vehicle for both drivers and their passengers. Vehicle "Bluetooth" or "hands free" systems must be turned off or disabled prior to any track session. Cell phones may be used in the paddock area and cold pits but not the hot pit lane or defined pit box area.


The use of video recording equipment is allowed and even encouraged providing that such equipment is rigidly mounted to the vehicle in a safe location subject to technical inspection. Helmet cams are not allowed and at no time may any device, of any type, be hand held during any on-track session.


The use of Cell phone apps for data logging or video recording is permitted only if the phone is in airplane mode and rigidly mounted to the vehicle subject to inspection.


Never enter the track without authorization from the Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall. The Senior Driving Coach or Grid Marshall will find an open spot on the track to allow you to enter safely.


Each time entering the track the driver should start with a few "warm up" laps. This will allow time to get the feel for the car and track conditions and allow tires and fluids to reach optimal operating temperatures.

At the end of each session or a few corners prior to exiting the track the driver should do a "cool down". This will allow the vehicles cooling systems an opportunity to cool the engine and brakes prior to the vehicle being shut off in the pits, thus preventing damage to the vehicle. NOTE: never apply the park brake to a vehicle that has just completed a track session.


Each time a driver exits the track, for any reason, they are required to signal other drivers their intention by holding their arm clearly out the window (production car), above the roll bar (race car), or holding their arm up as to clearly indicate their intentions to exit the track.


Failure to follow driver conduct rules may result in suspension of driving privileges, even for a first offense.

Passing Rules (Open Sessions)


Passing is permitted in designated areas with a point-by from the driver. All guests are required to monitor their mirrors and as faster cars approach, they must stay on line and clearly point by the passing vehicle without abruptly slowing their vehicle.


It is the responsibility of the passing car to make a safe and clean pass and the pass must be completed prior to the turning point of the approaching corner.


Passing is not allowed in corners, no exceptions. This will be discussed at the morning meeting.

Safety Equipment


All drivers and passengers are required to use a Snell approved helmet. SA2005 or later are permitted and must have the "Area 27 Approved" sticker before entering the track to drive. Bring your helmet to registration for inspection and decal.


Proper closed toe driving shoes are required, or shoes similar to a volleyball or 'Puma/Piloti' style are recommended for all drivers and passengers.


For full circuit use, open cockpit vehicles including convertibles require factory roll over protection. Vehicles that have a roll bar securely mounted to the vehicle chassis are also permitted on the full circuit. Convertibles without any roll over protection are not permitted at Avion Motorsports Events.


It is further recommended that drivers at the 'Intermediate' driving level or higher categories have a minimum 1 layer driving suit and gloves.

Private Instruction


Private instruction by highly skilled instructors is available by appointment to all members and their guests subject to prior arrangement with Avion Motorsports.

Facility Rules


1. For Grassroots Days, the facility and registration will open at 7:30am, car inspection will commence at 7:30am and run until 8:45am. A mandatory drivers meeting will be held at 8:30am. Drivers not in attendance will not be allowed on the track without first consulting the Grid Marshal and gaining approval to join a group. Corporate and group events will have a specific schedule for their event.


2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises during Grassroots Days.


3. Any guest found driving on the track while Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise) will be suspended from the event.

Public Roadway Conduct of Guests


Guests of Avion Motorsports and Area 27 need to be respectful of our neighbors and laws governing public roads. Any guest found driving in a reckless manner or disobeying posted speed limits will be suspended from activities at Area 27.


Area 27 was created to provide Members and guests with a safe and exciting place to drive their cars and hone their skills, and entertain their friends and business associates with an exclusive and exhilarating experience. The "Rules and Regulations" of this document are intended to promote a safe environment for all members and guests to enjoy exciting motorsport activities.

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