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Track Day Rentals:

Available for members at Area 27, Canada's premier road course track.


2020 Avion Public Track Day Schedule

coming soon!

In the world of performance driving, there’s nothing like having an opportunity to try your talents on a professionally designed track with challenging corners and speeds. 


We know that once you’ve had the taste you'll want to come back. These grassroots days are designed to allow you the chance to feel the thrill in a controlled and safe environment.


Avion Motorsports gives you the opportunity to drive either a Camaro that's built for speed or an authentic Avion RS1 racecar at Area 27 in Okanagan wine country and race the day away!


Under the guidance of Trevor and Ryley Seibert, NASCAR Pro Racers, this exceptional opportunity at Area 27 starts at 9 am and runs through to 4 pm ensures the authentic experience is had by all.


Whether you are in stylish Camaro or Avion RS1 race car both will provide you an experience you’ll never forget.

AVION Grassroots Track Days

will be announced soon

Track Day Rental rates:

Camaro $1,100

RS1 Race car $3,500

*plus taxes

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