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Welcome Avion Drivers!

Avion Motorsports Grassroots Track Days have been developed to allow an opportunity for non members of Area 27 to come as our guests and enjoy a relaxed yet exhilarating day of lapping your car. It is our goal to provide a safe environment that is well organized, welcoming and enjoyable. As the term Grassroots implies we understand that for many of you this will be your first time experiencing performance driving on a closed circuit and that may seem intimidating but we want to assure you that with your co-operation the day will run smoothly and you will be looking forward to your next opportunity.

In order that everyone is properly prepared for the day we ask that you read the following information so that your experience delivers the most value which will ultimately rely on getting as much track time as possible


Avion Track Day Schedule:

  7:00 am   Gates open

  7:15 am   Registration starts  (Coffee, tea and snacks served at the Tent)

  8:15 am   Drivers Orientation Meeting at Avion Tent

  8:48 am   All Groups roll out for orientation laps (3)

  9:00 am   Green Flag - Group 1

12:00 pm   Lunch – Track is Closed

  1:00 pm   Afternoon Track Lapping

  4:40 pm   Track Closes

  5:30 pm   Gate Closes

Rules, Policy & Conduct

Please refer to the Policy Tab  under Track Days on the Avion Motorsports website.


Access & Registration

The gates at Area 27 will be open to participants at 7:00am sharp. You will proceed through the main gate and follow the access road to the intersection above the Paddock where you will be greeted roadside by Avion Motorsports staff. While remaining in your vehicle you will be given waivers to be signed by all participants and color coded wristbands indicating DRIVERS, PASSENGERS and PARTICIPANTS. Parents or guardians must sign consent forms for any attending minors. We will assign you a group number and we will place a windshield decal with the group number on your car. You and all participants will then proceed through the paddock and up the West ramp to the Pit Lane area where you will be directed by marshals and signs into your specific group lanes. Your car will stay in your assigned lane until we are ready to roll onto the track. Any accompanying participants in separate vehicles or cars that arrive on haulers can park and unload in the designated areas in the paddock. Unlicensed cars can proceed to the staging lanes once they have unloaded. Only drivers and on track passengers will be allowed in the staging lanes after the initial driver orientation meeting and for the balance of the day. After your car is parked in the proper staging lane, drivers and passengers must report to the Avion Motorsports Tent where you will need to swipe your drivers license and present your helmet for inspection and upon doing so will receive another windshield decal. You need to apply this decal immediately under the group number. This decal with signify to the Pit Marshal that you have completed all of your registration requirements for entering the track. Cars that don’t display the proper decals will be held back until they do.

AREA 27 MAP:                          







Grouping & Staging

Drivers will be assigned to groups with similar cars and similar skill levels. If we determine that you belong in a different group as the day progresses we will reassign you to a different group. Drivers are also welcome to discuss moving into a more suitable group with the Chief Steward if you feel that is warranted.

The cars will be parked in their respective group lanes when you arrive in the morning and these lanes will stay the same for the duration of the day. Please refer to the attached map showing the traffic pattern. If you need to leave the staging lanes to go to the paddock (fuel, tires, etc.) you are welcome to do that at any time following the proper traffic pattern to exit the Pit area. You can also rejoin your staging lane at any time as well. It is recommended that if you need to leave for fuel that you proceed directly to the paddock instead of your staging lane at the end of your session then simply rejoin your staging lane once you are refueled. This will give you ample time to refuel even if you are having to drive to Oliver as there will be exactly 1:20 between your sessions.

Drivers must be in their car at least 5 minutes prior to the posted start of your session as we will roll the group forward to the Pit Marshal location prior to the checkered flag of the previous group.


Mandatory Drivers & Passengers Meeting

A mandatory drivers and passengers meeting will be held at the Avion Motorsports Tent promptly at 8:20am. Any drivers missing the meeting will not be allowed to enter the track until they’ve met with the Chief Steward.


Track Orientation & Schedule of Events

It is our intention to get every driver as much time on the track as possible therefore it is imperative that all drivers co-operate fully and are buckled in and ready to go at the appropriate times. We have a lot of drivers and a very tight but very realistic schedule. Our Pit Marshal will be coordinating groups to ensure the schedule is maintained. A schedule of the days events are included in the package and a detailed schedule of group times will be available at the Avion Tent when you swipe your drivers license.


Immediately after the Mandatory Drivers & Passengers Meeting all drivers must head to their cars and get buckled in and helmets on in preparation for the recognizance laps. All groups will roll onto the track in order starting at 8:48 to complete a total of 3 slow laps to give all drivers an opportunity to orient themselves with the layout of the track and the location of the Corner Workers. Each group will be led by a pace car, do not pass the pace car or any other car during orientation and keep approximately 5 car lengths from the car in front of you so the groups don’t get too strung out. The Corner Workers will be waving a yellow flag to help you identify where they are located (Pit Exit/Start/Finish, Turns 1, 2, 7, 9 and 14) so please look for them on your first lap. On the last lap you will be shown a White Flag at the Start/Finish line and a Checkered Flag at Turn 9. This will be the same for every session of the day and will signify that your session is over. At this time you will slow down and exit onto Pit Lane at Turn 14.


Groups will be cycled through in 20 minute sessions for a total of 5 sessions for the day. In an effort to maximize track time, groups will roll onto the track and take an immediate green flag to start their session with only a 2 minute gap as the previous session will be exiting the track in Turn 14.


Pace Cars

Pace cars will be utilized to lead the orientation for all groups. The Novice groups will be led each time in a lead/follow arrangement behind the pace car, if the group is advancing comfortably then we will elect to remove the pace car and allow the Novice group to lap at their own discretion. The Intermediate groups will be led in a lead/follow arrangement for a least the first session and more if it is deemed warranted. The Expert groups will be led on their out lap only. Pace cars will have their flashers on at all times when you are to follow (do not pass the pace car while flashers are on). For the Expert groups, the pace car will turn off the lights between Turns 12-13 indicating that they are exiting into pit lane. Do not pass the pace car until it has exited into Pit Lane.


Viewing Areas & Spectators

Non-driving and non-passenger participants are welcome behind the south pit lane wall (near the Avion Motorsports Tent), in the paddock and along the berm adjacent to the access road. Access to other viewing areas will be discussed at the orientation meeting.


Mechanical Support

Kal Tire will be onsite and available to assist with mechanical questions or additional help.



In order to assist those with any overnight stays, we’ve partnered with Watermark who have provided us with a special promotion code to be used for bookings.  Please contact and reference Avion Motorsports and use Code 2558.

Gas Stations

The nearest gas station is the Petro Canada at the intersection of McKinney Rd. and Tucelnuit Dr. It is 4 minutes away but it only has up to 91 octane fuel. There is a Chevron on the corner of Main Street and Co-Op Ave in Oliver with up to 94 octane and is 8 minutes away.

Approved Convertible List

As stipulated in the Area 27 'Track Rules and Regulations, available on our website, all convertibles, cabriolets, and open-top vehicles must have rollover protection. Appropriate types of rollover protection include fixed roll bars, fixed roll cages, and roll bars that deploy automatically in the event of a collision or rollover. Removable hard tops are NOT considered structural and therefore NOT sufficient.

The following is a list of the vehicles that the SCCA and ASN Canada FIA have deemed to be equipped with suitable factory-installed rollover protection:

  • Audi A4/S4

  • Audi TT

  • BMW 3 series including M3 (1999‐present)

  • BMW 6 series including M6 (2003‐present)

  • BMW Z3 if also equipped with factory-optional pop-up roll bars

  • BMW Z4

  • Chrysler Crossfire

  • Dodge Viper

  • Honda S2000

  • Jaguar XK8/XKR, F-TYPE

  • Lamborghini Murcielago

  • Mazda Miata (3rd Generation 2006‐present)

  • Mercedes C class, CLK, S Class and SLK

  • MINI 2009+

  • Nissan 350/370Z roadster

  • Porsche Boxster

  • Porsche 996, 997, 991

  • Saab 9-3 (2004 & later)

  • Volvo C70

  • VW New Beetle, Eos

These are the only factory roll-over equipped convertible vehicles approved at this time. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Area 27 ( ) for an exhilarating experience and we’ve also attached a map on how to get to Area 27 for your convenience.


AVION GUEST SERVICES at the track will be under the Avion Tent – Time to get revved up!

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