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When it comes to performance driving it’s all about the driver  being in sync with the car.  

The Avion RS1…Why?

It’s been a dream of mine to design and build a challenging road circuit for as long as I can remember. Most of this stems not just from my racing experience but from my construction background. You see, it’s my opinion that most race tracks today are somewhat boring, that is to say they don’t show much imagination, don’t flow well and simply don’t provide much enjoyment. My dreams were answered when I was asked to be a co-designer, the engineer and the constructor of Area 27. I believe I showcased my talents and delivered what I think is a track that beckons back to days gone by, a driver’s track. Days where tracks were ‘designed’ by following the natural contours of the land, back to the basics like blasting down an old country road in a mountainous area. This leads into my reasoning to develop a purpose built track car. In a time where traction control, anti-lock braking, paddle shift automatics, rev matching and fuel injection are all the norm, the new cars of today have robbed the driver of the gratification that comes from mastering the art. Now that we have a track that challenges and flows like it should I want to share the satisfaction of learning the fundamentals again. I want enthusiasts to feel what it’s like to command the car, not the other way around. To learn to use a clutch, heel 'n toe, compression brake, rev match with your ear and feel the tires begin to break loose with the seat of your pants and compensate with the learn the footwork, learn to dance with the pedals, caress the car  with the wheel and punctuate with the gear shift. For these reasons I developed the RS1, for the purist…for the DRIVER!

The Avion RS1…What?

The Avion RS1 is a purpose built two seater track car that I conceived in collaboration with my NASCAR Crew Chief and RS1 constructor Al Lebert to be a driver development platform for all levels. Although it has the attributes to challenge the most seasoned driver we designed this car to also appeal to the novice, to quell intimidation, to build confidence. A car that is easy to maintain and inexpensive to repair should an ‘excursion’ take place.


The first priority was to make it extremely safe. We did this by ensuring that the latest driver and passenger safety aspects were built in starting with full containment racing seats, 5-point harnesses, 22 US gallon NASCAR style fuel cells with roll over anti-spill devices, full roll cage with anti-intrusion provisions, onboard fire suppression, collapsible steering columns and high impact foam surrounding the driver. We added driver comforts such as adjustable drivers seat, telescoping and height adjustable steering column, fully adjustable pedals, cool suit systems for both driver and passenger with cooled air helmet blowers. 


We then turned our attention to the performance aspects and the obvious place to start was under the hood. The criteria was for a power plant that was powerful, reliable, simplistic, economical and readily available. We settled on the GM 604 Crate Engine (350 Ci) and modified it by converting it to a dry sump system to both promote reliability as well as lowering the center of gravity in the car. We dyno test the engine prior to installation to confirm that every RS1 is producing 450 HP. We selected a 4-speed, non-synchromesh racing transmission (either a G-Force T101A or Jericho) mated to a 5.5” high performance clutch through a scatter proof bellhousing. The Ford 9” axle housing hosts a lightweight Detroit Locker gear set with internal oil pump for cooling and full floating axles. The braking system features Bicknell 4 piston aluminum calipers with Brembo rotors cooled by electric fan boosted duct work. The suspension showcases aluminum threaded body, rebound adjustable coil over shocks. The body is constructed from very economical lightweight fiberglass including a front splitter and high downforce adjustable rear wing for superb aerodynamics . Steel 10” wheels ready to accept slicks or rain tires complete the build.


In summary, the RS1 provides a great opportunity to develop a drivers performance driving skills in a very safe environment void of the modern technologies that have taken the drivers talents and locked them into a computer box.

Trevor K. Seibert

Your 450 HP RS1 includes personalized details such as a complete custom car wrap in your individual or corporate colors, favourite number, engraved valve covers, embroidered seats and steering wheel. Join the growing group of RS1 owners that are enjoying their identically constructed track cars.

G E N E R A L     S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


BRAKES: Bicknell 4 piston aluminum calipers with Brembo rotors and pads

WEIGHT: 2550 lbs full of fuel, no driver

WHEEL BASE: 107.5”


FUEL CELL: 22 US Gallons Seats: Kirkey full containment racing seats with 5 point harness

DRIVER COMFORT: Adjustable seats, cool box with individual controls for both driver and passenger.






ENGINE: GM 604 Crate Engine (350 Ci), converted to dry sump, 450 HP, 440 ft/lbs Torque, 750 cfm carburetor, cast iron block/aluminum heads

TRANSMISSION: G-Force T101A NASCAR Cup style 4 Speed, no synchromesh

CHASSIS: Tubular steel

SUSPENSION: Pro aluminum threaded body, rebound adjustable coil over shocks. Lightweight Ford 9” three point full floating 3.70:1 rear end set up with internal oil cooling pump






RS1 garage
SAM_2959 revised RESIZED
SAM_2994 revised 2.75 x 2.125 REV1
SAM_3005 revised RESIZED
SAM_2865 revised 2.75 x 1.875 REV1
100_0057 RESIZED
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