FOUNDER - Avion Motorsports

Co-founder - Area 27

Co-Designer/Engineer/Builder - Area 27

CEO/President - Lake Excavating Ltd.

Trevor began a racing career that started in 1984 on a small asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake, BC and he quickly advanced to the professional level. His experience includes wins and championships on ovals, road and street circuits throughout North America. His resume includes NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, Player’s GM, Formula Atlantic & Indy Lights.

Notable achievements include a holder of the fasted ever recorded lap time on a half mile oval and winning the Gilles Villeneuve Memorial Award in 1993 for Outstanding Skill and Determination.

Trevor has driven for many teams over his professional career and in 2005 founded Avion Motorsports which remains a competitive Canadian NASCAR team fielding cars for himself, his son Ryley and other talented drivers.


DRIVER/EVENTS - Avion Motorsports

Construction Super - Area 27

Construction Super - Lake Excavating Ltd.

Ryley began his racing career on an asphalt oval in his hometown of Williams Lake and is a successful driver in the WESCAR Series, a late model oval racing series in BC. He has also raced numerous times in the Canadian NASCAR series including a full season in 2013 where he narrowly missed the Rookie of the Year honours by a single point.


Ryley continues evolving his professional racing talents and is instrumental in the development and testing of the Avion RS1 Track Car thus bearing his initials.


COO Avion Motorsports

Growing up in Williams Lake together with his cousin Trevor, Ingo shares a passion for cars and Motorsports. While he has never been an active racer Ingo has always been a car nut.  Dating back to his first vehicle and dirt road driving on country roads Ingo continues his lifelong affair with cars and speed at Avion Motorsports.

Ingo, with his sons, Cole and Bryce have a small but  growing collection of V8 Muscle. From a 1967 Mustang, a chopped and dropped 1983 Chevy short box to a 2017 SS Camaro and a new RS1 track car Ingos enthusiasm for the traditional enjoyment of driving “old style” cars is evident. “There is nothing like the sound of a throaty V8 firing up and slowly rumbling down the street or onto the track”

As a member of Area27 with an extensive back ground in the world of business from start up to large corporations Ingo brings a combination of business knowledge and passion for Motorsports to Avion.


General Manager Avion Motorsports

NASCAR Team Manager

Al's motorsports career started in 1999 at a young age helping a friend clean his race car. His Motorsport career quickly evolved to crewing for a NASCAR team and within a few years he wore every hat in motorsports from team owner, Nascar driver, Crew Chief, Race Car Builder and Team Manager.

In the Spring of 2012 he started a relationship with Trevor Seibert moving Avion Motorsports Nascar team to Ottawa, Ontario. In the Fall of 2015 Al  had the task to design and build a new car called the RS1 for Area 27 Motorsports Park.

Since 2017 he has been working on building a fleet of RS1 track cars as well as managing the Avion Motorsports Nascar team and performing Crew Chief duties for the 69 NPS entry.