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Private Events

Be it a bachelor/bachelorette party, a kickoff to a great Okanagan getaway or just a group of friends getting together, give your select group the experience of a lifetime and provide them with access to something truly special – an exclusive day at the track with an amazing array of cars and formats to pick from! Our experience lets everyone in the group sit behind the wheel of powerful cars such as the beautiful Chevy Camaro, the Avion RS1 Race Car, the 1930’s inspired Legend, or the simplicity of a Hornet. Not only will they enjoy a driving experience like no other, but they'll also relax and refuel in style with private catered lunches by award-winning chefs using only the freshest ingredients from Okanagan Valley. If you want to give your friends or special group a unique outing that won't be found anywhere else, look no further than what we have to offer.

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The Track

This first class 3/8th mile paved oval was first constructed in 1969 and purchased and re-constructed in 2021 By Trevor and Ingo Seibert. The reconstruction was designed and constructed by Area 27 Founder/Co-designer and Avion Motorsports Founder Trevor Seibert. We know this facility intimately.


Gather your most eager friends and come join us for a high-octane experience of short track racing. The morning starts off with warm hospitality - steaming cups of coffee served alongside delicious pastries to get everyone ready for the adventure ahead! Our experienced staff will have you safely fitted in top quality safety gear, while also making sure all attendees are swiftly registered. You won't want to miss out on this sensational day at the track!

Track Day

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Avion Corporate BBQ
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Our instructors will guide you throughout the day, so that each of your guests can experience an unforgettable event. You'll learn to drive a race car around our oval track using multiple cars - starting by getting familiar with the orbit in one of our Chevy Camaro SS vehicles and eventually building up confidence as you progress onto a Hornet or Legend. Even if it's your first time behind the wheel, just relax; we've got everything lined up for everyone from novices to experienced drivers alike!



We can accommodate up to a maximum of 24 driving guests and another 24 non-driving or RS1 ride-along guests. All cars are provided, no private cars will be allowed on the track.


Make the most of your time at Avion Motorsports with a fully catered gourmet lunch, either in the clubhouse or beneath our stylish awning. Whether you're catching up with friends and guests over an unforgettable meal, exchanging stories on all the day's events so far – it'll be sure to make for some memorable moments!


Add another highly recommended option and experience the rush of a professional race car driver from the passenger seat! At your event, add Avion Motorsports RS1 Race Car Rides to give guests an unforgettable treat. Our two-seat cars will be driven by top drivers and raced door-to-door in true racing fashion at exhilarating speeds -get ready for an amazing ride that you won't find anywhere else!


Each event is exclusive, meaning that only the group(s) participating will be on the property during an event. Each event is constructed to meet the requirements of the customer, however not all groups are in a position or require all the available spots. In this case we will put multiple groups together to fill the day. Special pricing can be arranged to accommodate a private customer requesting that they are the only group attending an event.


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